Here are just a few Services we offer.


We sell all types of tires and service all types of cars including domestics and imports.

Maintenance Tune-Up
Install new spark plugs (platinum plugs add'l.)
Check fuel & emission systems
Inspect filters, belts & hoses
Check & set timing, carburetor and idle speed (if applicable)
Other engine performance items additional
12,000 mile, 12 months guarantee whichever comes first

Oil Change & Lube *
Oil change (up to 5 qts. 10W30)
Replace Oil Filter
Lubricate Chassis
Other weights available at additional cost.

Brake Service
Install new disc brake pads only
Inspect rotors, turning included
Inspect master cylinder & brake hoses
Add fluid as needed
Test drive vehicle
Free brake inspection
Ceramic pads additional cost. Some foreign cars, trucks, vans additional.

Transmission Flush *
Save your transmission with preventative maintenance
Free road test
Change fluid
Clean screen
Filter & gasket additional.